Najmat Abu Dhabi

BMU and Access Equipment

Najmat, a 165 hectare township development by Reem Developers, symbolizes the lifestyle of the future of Abu Dhabi. The Manhattan-like township will provide a healthy balance of work, life and recreation for more than 200,000 people on the island. State-of-the-art infrastructure, the first of three phases is already complete, and will support more than 51 million square feet of commercial, residential, hospitality, and communal facilities.

The system consists of a 3-Stage telescopic jib machine traversing on a double rail track at the roof of the building on concrete up stands. The machine is equipped with luffing, slewing and spreader bar slewing mechanisms. The safe working load of the cradle is 240 kg. The machine will be designed to ensure the complete safety of operators. - See more at: http://localhost:1233/malt/3/25/topaz-series-machine#sthash.zyF1GjcF.dpuf