Special Cradle

BMU and Access Equipment

Current projects are already answering the Architecture imagined needs and desires of the next generation, the building envelope remains one of the most important exterior elements for building, with changing façade elements the complexity of the access to the façade is also growing, since the BMU system is already trusted for its reliability and simple working practice as such the onus for cleaning and maintaining the façade lays with us.

Cradle being the integral part of the BMU is customized to meet the demand of the ever changing façade.


The cradle width can be wider to access small recessed areas in the façade.

The cradle length can be extended from 1m to 12m.

Additional attachment can be included within cradle for reaching access up to 3m.


Satellite Cradle

An aerial swinging counterbalanced cradle is attached to the main cradle, the recess reach is proportioned to the swinging element length attached to the cradle, the operator inside the main cradle swing the aerial satellite cradle sideways to reach the recess, the satellite cradle capacity is 120 kg.

It helps to access façade having recess or curve.



Pantograph Cradle

It is also called as forward luffing cradle, a counterweighted mechanical lever is attached to the main cradle which is opened or closed either manually or powered, the pantograph is opened once the cradle is below the obstacle, these cradle are retracted and stored on roof.

It helps to access façade having protrusions, recess or curve.