What is Powered Cradle and why your building needs one?

Powered Cradle is an integral part of building maintenance units. Service technicians have the ability of maneuvering buildings with assistance from a powered cradle.

Each cradle can be manufactured in 1-3 meters in length, with the ability to make one unit by combining up to a maximum length of 12 meters.

All cradles are composed of 100% aluminum. Inside each cradle, electrical hoists are placed on each end with a guiding system ensuring the wire rope is reeled correctly. With a central control system, technicians use buttons that are a soft push.

Powered Cradles Dubai UAE

Powered cradles floors are non-slip ensuring technician’s safety. Building faces are protected from damage at all times from the cradles wall rollers. With 240 Kg as a maximum safety working load, these cradles are strong enough to hold an entire maintenance crew.

Electrical Specifications:

  • 380/415v, 50/60 hertz, 16Amp, 3 phase (waterproof)
  • Total power consumption – 5kW

Every powered cradle provided by Malt Technics is equipped with safety blocks, where safety ropes are allowed to pass. If a breakdown occurs, these winches are able to be operated manually. In addition, for an emergency, the cradle includes upper and lower limit safety devices, emergency brake, electromagnetic brake located in the hoist with a secondary mechanical brake, slack wire ropes safety device, thermal overload safety for the cradle, along with all needed safety limit switches.

Malt Technics is one of the leading manufacturers of Powered Cradles in Dubai (UAE). So contact our team in Dubai (UAE) and we will take it from there: http://www.maltgroup.com/18/contact-us



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