Be Safe With Information About Your Window Cleaning Service

The typical person who goes to an office building or lives in a high-rise may have very little concern about whether or not the window cleaners that work on their building are following all of the safety precautions set forth in the industry. This makes reasonable sense as unless you are directly affected by the window cleaners such as management companies, property owners, the cleaning service, or the workers themselves. These are the people who are typically most concerned with the safety procedures, but the truth is everyone should be better informed on the safety measures around window cleaning services.

When it comes to danger and safety considerations people think that is only for super-tall buildings over ten, twenty and hundreds of feet high. It takes only four feet for a fall hazard to be taken into consideration, and at six feet high Fall Protection is required for the company. Also all window cleaning services should have a safety plan in place if anything were to happen.

There are many other rules, policies, and procedures put into place to protect all parties involved in the window cleaning business. Education is always first when it comes to safety, so take the time to educate yourself even if you are just going to work.




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