Understanding What Building Access Equipment Is

Have you ever looked up at a skyscraper and saw people hanging from the side of the building? Or, maybe you have been in a boardroom, or in an office with windows inside of a tall building and saw a window washer? When you saw those people, did you ever wonder how did they get up there, but mostly how do they do that job?

Well, there is a simple answer to why. It is a dangerous job and somebody’s got to do it. The how is a little more of an intricate explanation. There is equipment called building maintenance equipment which can be mounted on buildings that allows building access from the rooftop or on tall towers. This equipment is typically required by several governing bodies when you have a building that meets specific criteria. The building access equipment allows for tall buildings to be maintained and keep safe at points which are difficult to reach. Not only safe, but it does keep the building looking as beautiful as possible as well.


Without building access equipment, there are no shiny Burj Khalifah or Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Whether it is a platform or a suspended rope, the equipment that these workers use is extremely important, and the job they do should be respected.

At Malt Tehcnics we manufacture all kinds of custom made building access equipment tailored to your needs!

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