Making Sure Your Equipment is Stabilized

Many times when people see window cleaners working on those incredibly tall buildings they wonder how could they do such a dangerous job, if they’re scared, and what happens when a large gust of wind comes through. These are all
reasonable questions, and they all have answers to them.
One of these questions has been around for almost as long as the inception of the industry, and lead many manufactures to design and create what is called stabilization systems. A stabilization system was created to stabilize the suspension equipment.
Make Sure Your Equipment is Stabilized
Suspension equipment would include cages, cradles, platforms, chairs, and other equipment technicians stand on or sit in. The stabilization system is designed so that the suspension equipment remains in contact with the building façade (or outside of the building). This actually prevents the undesired movement that can come from
for example, excessive wind.
When it comes to building access and window washing equipment, a lack of sufficient stabilization can possibly put a technician in harm’s way. In addition to protecting the worker, a stabilization system can also protect a building from damages that can be caused by an impact of the suspension equipment.
Any company using window washing equipment wants to make sure their employees and building are both protected. Using a stabilization system can better insure a certain level of protection.


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