Monorail Systems: Introduction

The monorail is by far, considered as the most cost-effective and efficient window cleaning system in terms of purchase, running cost and having very minimal operation process.

The monorail is combined with a powered cradle to make window cleaning a breeze. It is an extruded aluminum element fixed outside of the building supported by steel brackets, anchored to the concrete wall at intervals. They range from 1.5m to 3m, and are used as a track for trolleys from which the cradle will be suspended. It allows the cradle to traverse along the façade. The trolleys can be either manual or motorized depending on the application and project budget.


Monorail Systems: Introduction


The simplicity of the system is that the monorail can be bent to follow the contour of the building, it can be either face mounted or ceiling mounted, the cradle can be configured to various sizes, and multiple cradle or glass lifting winches can be operated within the same monorail.



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