The Basics of the Abseiling System

Abseiling systems are used to access buildings where a BMU is not feasible. The abseiling pipe rail is installed along the perimeter of the building. One end of the rope will be positioned on the stainless steel pipe rail and from this point the abseilers lower their ropes to reach the cleaning facades. The rail is fixed to the steel support structure at roof level.


Bespoke and proprietary abseil rails can be designed into a project at an early stage, giving the benefit of façade access without the unsightliness sometimes encountered with BMU’s (building maintenance units), and at a fraction of the cost.

Anchor points can also be used for the purpose of rope access.

It is important to note however, that the operative should never attach to just one anchor and that two points of attachment should always be maintained.  The anchors can be designed into a new build project or retrofitted to most structures.



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