Drum Winch – The Heart Of Every System

There are several different types of systems out there for building maintenance and services like window cleaners. There is the davit system, the monorail system, and the abseiling system just to name a few. There is one thing that most, if not all, systems have is a drum winch.
80t_single_drum_winch_resized_photogallery (1)
People who are in the industry know that regardless of the system, the drum winch is the glue that holds the entire system together. The drum winch is commonly referred to as the mechanical device that pulls in and lets out the wire rope or cable cord. In its most basic, and commonly used form, the drum winch consist of wire rope, a large spool (depending on its use), and a crank.
This crank can be either manual or motorized, but much of the newer equipment utilizes a motorized crank. The Maltgroup, an international company who specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of building maintenance units and access equipment, created a drum winch welded from steel that is powered by a
geared-brake electric motor.
The load bearing wire ropes used give an extraordinary increase in safety not be available with other companies or systems. The drum winch is a major component of any system, and should not be forgotten when determining the best system for your business.


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