Stairs, Ladders and Walkways at Malt Group

Making an operative safe whilst working at height is only possible if the access up to the work area has been correctly designed and installed, therefore as part of our services we offer a full design, fabrication, supply and installation of stairs, ladders, steps and access platforms.

417-Gantry 3

One such access platform are gantries, which are used to clean glass roof areas. This system includes traveling gantries installed on the inner & outer side of the roof of the building. The gantries move on motorized wheels on the rail track. The track can be installed to the roof structure to the upper roof level with special brackets fixed on the roof structure.

Taking into consideration what is to be accessed, the frequency of access that is required and whether any tools and equipment need to be carried via this access, Malt Group will produce a full set of fabrication drawings detailing our proposals to you



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