The Address Hotel – Opal, Star and PU400 Machines

Set in a modern tower attached to The Dubai Mall, The Address is an upscale hotel is a 7-minute walk from the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and 6 km from the Dubai World Trade Centre. We provided The Address Hotel with a mixture of roof machine services, namely the Opal seires along with the Star and PU400 machines.


The Opal series machines are light weighted medium range single jib Building Maintenance Units (BMU). They’re roof mounted machines, working either by traversing along the track/guide or fixed points at designated levels. The roof machines include a steel chassis, structure and frame, the jib, the slewing mechanism, the spreader bar slewing mechanism and the housing for the hoisting mechanism.


While the second type of machine, The Star and PU400 Series Machines, are compact, light weighted, small range, single jib Building Maintenance Units (BMUs). They are suitable where ample roof space is available to make the track layout and the building’s facade doesn’t have any major recesses or protrusions. The outreach is limited to 4.5 meters and the traversing is along the track or guide rail.




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