Roof-mounted BMU for Metro Central, Dubai

It is impossible not to notice the Dubai Metro Central Hotel Apartments if you’ve been to or around the TECOM district, one of the most prominent business centres in the region today. But what distinguishes the Metro Central is its unique architecture that makes anyone take a second glance. The tall ¬†elliptical edifice requires high quality maintenance, and that’s what Malt Group does.

We installed the Topaz series machine mounted on the rooftop, mainly due to the structure of the building. These are compact, light-weight, and super efficent multi-jib equipment suitable for long-range cleaning and other activities. The movable arm makes it convenient to easily traverse the curved facade of the building. Safety and functionality is a guaranteed feature of our roof machines.

Malt technics Group designs, installs, and maintains state-of-the-art building maintenence units. Contact us today to access the best in the industry!




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