The Need for Building Maintenance Strategies

Living in the 10th floor of my building of 25 floors, I expect to look out the large glass windows to enjoy a beautiful view of the city below. But when I do, the view is marred by stains on the glass from collected dust and rainwater. I see three ropes suspended from the roof to the ground. Apparently, they are meant for maintaining clean windows. But my windows are still dirty despite the equipment. If you reside in the busy residential areas of UAE, you may be no stranger to this. Why does this happen?

A disrupted view

It is clear that the building owners have invested in glass cladding, and maintenance units to maintain the beauty of the cladding and windows, so that the occupants can enjoy the advantages of large areas of light. But after a while, little attention is given to keeping up with the practice of cleaning windows. Over time, buildings start looking old, and collected dirt on windows become more difficult to remove.

Building maintenance is not just about investing in equipment, it is also a continuous investment of time, effort, and money that eventually preserves the worth of your building. Before you invest in BMUs, you need a clear strategy for building maintenance. The experts at Malt Group help you devise efficient cleaning strategies for your buildings so that your building components last longer in their best condition. Our consultancy services guide you through a smooth and effective building maintenance plan based on your requirements and resources.

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