Why you need BMU experts in the design stage

Building maintenance is often one of the final things thought about during building construction. But is it the best thing to do so?

Imagine designing a building to perfection, and then the view being disrupted by ropes here and there. BMUs are supposed to enhance the appearance of your building, not the opposite. That is why you need BMU design experts in the initial planning stages of your building.


The ideal construction project involves all experts working together from an early stage so that everything is in sync when the building is completed. However, that is the ideal situation, and is far from being practical. But gaining expert advice is always a wise decision, especially if aesthetics is of importance to you. Let your architect and said expert work together to decide how you can blend the BMU components into the building facade so that they are not openly visible. You can’t obviously ignore BMUs in the long run, so if you are installing them, you might as well do it the right way!

Malt Group offers expert design advice for all your BMU needs. Contact us today and let us help you implement a perfect facade management solution for your building.



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