Breaking Grounds in Architecture: Unique Building Facades in Dubai

Dubai is home to over a 1000 high-rise buildings, out of which, more than half are skyscrapers (exceeding 50m in height). That said, with buildings like Burj Khalifa, a height of 50 m may not sound too amazing. Beyond 300m, buildings are classified as “Supertall”; and Dubai houses more supertall structures (18 of them) than any other city in the world, as expected.

But height isn’t the best thing about buildings in Dubai. It is in fact the unique architecture that catches ones attention. Each new proposed building is so striking in exterior appearance, and stand out in the world of architecture. To a BMU company like ours, such structures offer the prospect of designing unique and challenging BMU solutions. That aside, we introduce you to two of the latest buildings that we feel are worth a mention, just because we love how they look.

The Opus

Source: Construction Week

By Zaha Hadid, enough said. The late British-based award-winning architect’s design for Opus is as challenging as it’s beautiful. Built in the shape of a cube melting into a void in the centre, the Architecture of Opus is definitely one of a kind. The two structures surrounding the void are asymmetrical, with a connecting bridge at the top. Parkihg lots, apartments, and nightclubs are located at various the floors of the building.

ICD Brookfield Place, DIFC

There are a number of things that makes this building stand out. Apart from being a candidate for LEED gold rating of sustainability, the building is multi-purpose, and offers an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa to boot. But to us, its all about the unique facade. The building exterior is designed as facets which reflect sunlight, and looks different during different times of the day. Pure genius. We would love to see how it ultimately turns out once completed in early 2018.

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