Keeping High-Rise Buildings Spotless

Technological advancements have allowed architects and designers to think outside the box and create buildings beyond ordinary. As a result, we see facades in various shapes and sizes, from straight to curved, from tall to short, from even to uneven.. Glass is an integral part of the facade, either as a major part of the cladding, or generic glazing. Though glass represents modernity and style, they can easily turn into the opposite if not kept clean. I have scrunched my face many a times while noticing grimy windows on beautiful facades. This happens mostly because cleaning external facades, especially in high-rise buildings is extremely challenging. Investing in such a building also necessitates investing in an efficient facade access and maintenance service. 

How is glass in tall buildings kept clean?

Cradle systems are a popular method of cleaning windows at heights. Cleaning equipment and personnel are taken to these heights either using cradles suspended from roof machines, monorails, or other BMU attachments. While a variety of standard options are available, if your building has an irregular facade or protruding bits, we recommend the satellite cradle or the pantograph cradle which is then balanced using a counterweight and allows workers to work around the uneven surface or obstacle. Other variations are also available in cradle systems to suit different requirements and purposes. 

What about uneven surfaces? UAE is home to a number of unique buildings with complex facades. Accessing them with standard BMU solutions may not be practical, which brings up the need for custom solutions. For instance, curved buildings may not have sufficient roof area to park a roof machine. In such cases, custom facade access systems with the flexibility to reach both top and bottom as well as around the building has to be designed. 

We have a team of experts at Malt Technics to design efficient and comprehensive solutions to your building maintenance needs. Contact us for deploying state-of-the-art facade access systems in your buildings. 



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