Efficient Cleaning using the Tucker Cleaning Pole (Dubai)

In our last post, we had shared how windows can be accessed for cleaning purposes. In this post, we introduce you to a popular cleaning tool for medium-rise building windows. It is an advanced and more efficient version of a simple window cleaner- the Tucker pole.

The idea of a pole system for window cleaning is fairly basic. All you need is a wiper attached to a pole and you can say the job is done. But we all know that achieving super clean windows is more than wiping dirt off. While chamois and squeegee are good ways to clean windows, with the Tucker Pole, you don’t need additional equipment to clean windows.  Imagine staying in the ground and cleaning windows five floors up!
All about the Tucker Pole

The Tucker Pole uses de-ionized water splashed from its wiper-end for cleaning windows. Why de-ionized water? This is because when the water dries, the minerals and other particles won’t remain on the surface leaving a hazy window. These particles are removed using a purifier connected to the pole at the ground level, and pure water then flows through the flexible pole to the top end.

Why Tucker Pole

While this system may not be as practical for tall buildings, it is the most cost-efficient method in the case of medium-rises. Moreover, you can avoid installation of large machines, hoists, or monorails. It is also very easy to use and store a Tucker Pole.

At Malt Technics we offer you this simple way to crystal clear glazing. Contact us today to learn more about cleaning equipment and tools.



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