At Malt Group, Height Doesn’t Matter…

We are in the hub of skycrapers, and yet work at height can be daunting. Simply being at the top of a flight of stairs makes our heads whirl at times. Imagine being on top of 40 or 50 floors! Worse is when you are suspended outside. 

The most common source of accidents in construction

Work at height is unavoidable in the construction industry, and it is the most common source of accidents as well. At Malt Group, our job is to offer extremely safe solutions for easy work at height. Our winning philosophy has allowed us to stay at the top of the competitive industry along with other corporate giants. 

  • Safety is our priority in all phases of our job. Be it design or deployment, we ensure 100% safe solutions that allow workers to do their job with ease and convenience, at any height!
  • We believe in problem-solving. With the continuously evolving construction industry, standard solutions are often obsolete. It requires us to continuously face and tackle new challenges to stay ahead of the game. Our experts come up with the best ways to manage work at height in any situation, allowing us to reach greater heights in turn.
  • At Malt Group, we don’t compromise on quality. Nothing can pull us back from using the best quality materials in our products. 

We are constantly pushing boundaries to make work at height a safe and secure activity in construction. Contact us today to implement extra-safe fall protection and facade access systems in your facility.



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