BMU’S For Every Type Of Building

Malt Group creates Facade Access Equipment for the world’s most extraordinary buildings. That’s because our fully customized BMUs are designed with respect to beautiful architecture, that we see so much of here in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) are used to maintain or repair the structure of high-rise buildings which have become the main form of buildings here in the Gulf.


We go beyond the production of top quality facade access equipment; we design and deliver specific solutions for the world’s most unique buildings and structures.

We offer BMUs for low, medium and high-rise buildings, whether they are straight or curved, roofed or roofless. Our solutions outclass the competition primarily in terms of usability, despite the complex challenges that our engineers and developers face.

Because in our vision, BMUs should do more than just providing safe access to hard-to-reach places. Our solutions facilitate the work being done, whether that’s cleaning windows or repairing a damaged facade.

These innovations, combined with our successful projects in the past, have made us what we are today!

So for all your BMU solutions, services and installation please don’t hesitate to call us on: +971 4 34 00 802 or visit us on our website at: maltgroup.com



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