The most dangerous job: Window cleaner!?

People who work in an office or in the retail sector, the word “ danger” does not come to their mind first. Yet, there are several professions that demand individuals to stay carefully at all times because of the dangers involved. Below we want to give a list of risky jobs around the globe- you might be astounded at some of them

1.Construction work
3.Line installers
4. Window cleaner
8.Military personnel
10. Prison officers

Among these occupations, window cleaner is not considered a dangerous job by most people. Nevertheless, without correct safety precautions in a place, climbing a ladder can be unsafe!
Undoubtedly, health and safety are imperative in any workplace, but it is even more important when dealing with the everyday dangers that these jobs provide. Hence, it is absolutely key that company staff is well aware of the serious and essential aspects of health and safety. It can be seen from the list that our service is linked with the safety of window cleaners. As one of our priority is to maintain (ensure) safety of workers, our products completely meet the demands of the safety system and we ensure 100% safe solution that allows workers to do their job with ease and convenient at any height!



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