Cradles: reliable and simple

Cradles are machines that provide safe and comfortable work platform on the face of a building during construction and for the purpose of maintenance after construction.
Cradles, being an integral part of BMUs, are customized to meet the demand of the ever-changing façades which remain as one of the most important exterior elements of buildings. With changing façade elements, the complexity of access to the façade is also growing. And, since the BMU system is already trusted for its reliability and simple working practice, the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining the façade lays with us.
There are two main types of cradles:

Pantograph Cradle
It is also called a forward luffing cradle, a counterweighted mechanical lever is attached to the main cradle which is then opened or closed either manually or electrically. The pantograph is opened once the cradle is below the obstacle, these cradles are retracted and stored on the roof. It helps to access façades with protrusions, recesses or curves.

Satellite Cradle
An aerial swinging counterbalanced cradle is attached to the main cradle and the recess reach is proportioned to the swinging element length. The operator inside the main cradle swings the aerial satellite cradle sideways to reach the recess, the capacity of the satellite cradle is 120 kg. It aids to access façades with recesses or curves.




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