Special Equipment- Cat Ladders

Nowadays, if someone is asked to give a definition to “ cat ladders”, undoubtedly he or she responds that it is a thing or house for cats. For the most part, that person would be right as there is such a thing as a cat ladder for the feline species, but in the building maintenance industry, a cat ladder is a part of a window cleaning and building maintenance system some of the tallest buildings in the world.

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When looking at a cat ladder from the ground, or even from an adjacent office building window, it may look like a magnificent piece of artwork set on top of the building. This is of course due to location and how the creators design them.
Although it may look like artwork, it actually has a real a valuable function. These ladders are used to clean the top features and highest points found in the building. It is typically a manual ladder that is installed on the outside of the top feature of the building.
There are fixed rails that are on the top and bottom of the building’s features. This allows the workers to clean the entire section of the building. The cat ladder is a wonderful and sometimes mandatory addition to a building. Make sure your company’s cat ladder is built by the best.



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