Highly Used System: Davit

To familiarize yourself with all of your options is the best way to make a decision in any industry. When it comes to
window cleaning and building maintenance, there are a lot of systems obtainable for your use For those who are learning about all the systems and how they can accommodate their needs we would like to share a quick overview of one of the most highly used systems which called a Davit System.


Davit systems are typically broken down into two separate categories. One category is called the ground rigged davit system which usually involves a smaller arm because it only needs a minimal amount of space. The other category is the roof rigged davit system which has a powered permanent platform that is typically stored on the roof.
Once you get into the mechanics of a davit system is there are some fundamental basics that you should know. For example, this system has two primary components which are the base which is permanently fixed onto the building, and the arm which is typically portable and has the ability to be lowered, raised, or removed. A davit system is versatile in that it can be used in tandem with other suspended equipment like a chair or a cage.
Choosing the right system for your company can incorporate a significant amount of research, but choosing correctly can save you money and make operations move smoothly.



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