Cherry Picker in Dubai

Cherry pickers are aerial platforms that are either mounted on vehicles or propelled by themselves. They provide a safer alternative to work environments at height,  especially scaffolding. As you may have guessed, cherry pickers were originally used for picking cherries. The name stuck on, but it’s purpose has been diversified to include high-risk construction work. Window-cleaning, repairing, cable maintenance, etc. have all been performed with the help of these easy-to-install versatile equipment. Cherry pickers can be temporarily installed and removed once work is done, and has been a popular choice for building owners instead of permanent facade access solutions. What are some important features to look for while installing a cherry picker? Read on to find more.


Just as in any facade access system, the type of building should be considered while choosing the right cherry picker. This includes the area around the building that can accommodate a vehicle-mounted cherry picker, or a self-propelled one for better control. Cherry pickers are often manufactured to accommodate difficult terrains, and should be used in case one is encountered. Loading considerations should also be estimated, and installation of a cherry picker in areas of higher ground water levels should be done using appropriate equipment.

The height of the cherry picker is a significant criteria for safe installation and operation, and is measured from the ground to the end of its extendable arm. Technically, the maximum length of this arm includes the extended arm of a person standing on the boom at its full length.

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