Why To Address To A Design Consultant?

It is obvious that when we plan to decorate our home, we use an interior designer. If we want to create and design clothes, we address to a fashion designer. Also, if someone wants to design his website, he uses a web developer. In designing and erecting a building, architect and building developers are the first important people. Why would you not use a designer to develop your building maintenance units, or BMU’s, especially if you know you are using a creative design and different architecture for your building?

When it comes to BMU design consultancy there are some things that need to be considered such as what is the design of the building and what is the concept design of the BMU. Some people have no idea what they need and some people are very knowledgeable about BMU’s and already have some idea of what they will need for maximum efficiency. You should also have a cleaning strategy prepared. If you don’t have one, then typically a cleaning strategy will be developed for you.
Just as there is a benefit to using any other type of designer, the same benefits exist when utilizing a BMU design consultant. You may want or need, something custom for your building, and you need a company like Malt Technics to bring your vision to fruition.
At Malt Group, we observe and deploy our expertise to recommend systems based on design standards. We help you choose the right system for you, be it either BMUs, mobile platforms, fall arrest systems, abseiling systems or combination of them. All this, while keeping in mind the basic requirement of the suitability of the system, usage, access, initial cost, running cost, system life and maintenance.
We provide Design Consultancy Services for BMUs (Building Maintenance Units) and Access Equipment during the design and tender stages.



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