Drum Winch: Just Small, But Highly Important

Drum Winch is part of the special equipment manufactured by Malt Technics LLC. This winch type is multilayered with four sections. The base frame is rigid, constructed with steel. The winches drum is also steel, with an extremely robust slewing ring on one end for support and on the other, an over-speed device. This winch receives its power from a geared brake electric motor. The electric motor is equipped with a lever to use as a brake by manual release. The winches over-speed device is the type which is centrifugal, having the ability to signal when activated by use of an electric switch. Each of the four suspension ropes gives the winch more safety when compared to traction hoist systems, by being load bearing.



Winch motor has an electromagnetic brake, acting as the primary brake. The secondary brake is over-speed emergency brake at the winch machine. Winch motor has manual emergency descent release wheel. Speed controlled in emergency descent with no power if needed. Drum Winch is equipped with slack rope safety device, as well as switch to control over-winding. The winch is also equipped with an end of wire rope limit switch. For copper conductor wire rope, there is sling ring.

Technical Specification:

  • Rope length or building height is up to 250 meters.
  • This winch is able to lift up to 5-10 ton.
  • Equipped with power supply 3 phase (400-415 v, 50/60 Hz)

Please visit our website to learn more about Drum Winchhttp://maltgroup.com/3/46/drum-winch




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