Gantry System In Dubai

Every type of window washing or building access equipment has different components that make the machine or equipment function as it does. These different parts and components are what each system unique in function and
sometimes purpose. Of course there are different ways and types of mounts, tracks and arms all designed and created for a particular function like the gantry system  in Dubai(UAE).
A gantry system is a very specific type of system that could have multiple functions such as assisting in the cleaning of hard to reach glass roof areas that is widely used around the industry. There are many different types of gantry systems and cranes from a full rolling gantry system to a much smaller workstation gantry crane. The distinction is not only in the size, but in the mobility of the structure.
For most gantry systems, the structure can be moved by wheels often time by rails. This is in contrast to an overhead gantry system that is typically in a fixed location on the ceiling or walls of a building. Maltgroup has created a gantry system that has traveling gantries installed on the outer and inner sides on the roof of a building. Make sure you are working with an innovative company when it comes to the development and installation of a gantry system for your building in Dubai(UAE)


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