Window Cleaning System

There are different methods that can be used for commercial window cleaning. Which method is best for a building is determined by various factors. Height of a building, number of windows, and work conditions can all be determining factors for a commercial window cleaning company. Malt Group chooses to use the power cradle as their primary means of window cleaning.

The cradle method is used for cleaning the windows of extremely tall buildings like high rises and skyscrapers. This is the safest method used for the height of these buildings, as workers are completely encased in the cradle and they are standing on a wide platform as they are cleaning the windows.

It is said that one of the safest window cleaning methods is the water fed pole method which is a window cleaning method that can be executed from the grown. The problem is this method only works for buildings that are under four stories. That method will not work for the size buildings the Malt Group and companies like them clean.

Cradles can be seen as dangerous because of weight restrictions, the height they work from and bad weather, but a window cleaning professional knows how to be safe in these types of conditions. Also using the right power cradle will help ensure safety for all of your employees.



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