Part Of The Protection: Roof Anchor

In any type of window washing, fall protection, or building access equipment that is permanent, the most commonly used anchor is a roof anchor. This is because roof anchors are designed specifically to function in several different scenarios.
When you first think about the roof anchor it may seem as though it is a simple piece that makes up the fall arrest system, but the truth of the matter is as you look further into how it actually works you learn that roof anchors are a very sophisticated piece of equipments that binds a complete system together.
The roof anchor can be used either as a standalone entity or in tandem with other permanent fall protection or window washing equipment such as rigging sleeves, davits, horizontal lifelines, and many other products.
The roof anchors are typically designed to hold no less than 1,000 pounds with ultimate force being around 5,000 pounds. This is important not just for when a window cleaner is doing their job, but also in a case of a fall situation. This is why using the best designers and manufacture of roof anchors is so important. Using a well constructed roof anchor can save lives.
No one should take for granted the danger window washers and building maintenances technicians put themselves in while doing their job. Having the proper roof anchor is a part of the protection they deserve.



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