Steel Or Aluminum?

When it comes to some aspects of building development there is going to be a time, in some phase of the process, where the question is going to come up as to whether choose steel or aluminum. There are some places, like support beams, where there is not going to be a question of which is better. Steel is the obvious choice as it is known to hold millions of pounds of support, but when it comes to things like power cradles there could be some discussion about which metal is better.

Before you decide whether to go with steel or aluminum, there are a few things you should know. Steel is typically a lot stronger than aluminum, but aluminum is a lot lighter than steel and therefore great for things like aerodynamics. Both steel and aluminum have corrosion ability, but chromium is added to stainless steel to inhibit corrosion, and unless in extreme acidic or base environments, aluminum has high resistance to corrosion. Aluminum is a bit softer and easier to work with, but is much harder to weld then steel due to its low thermal properties.

Steel and aluminum are great metals to work with for your building development. It will be up to you, your building design team, and your building maintenance building design team to determine what you need to keep everybody who is involved in the maintenance work safe.



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