The Abseiling System is Great for Building Maintenance

When it comes to building access and building maintenance units, one of the primary systems used is the abseiling systems. What are the abseiling systems? The abseiling systems allow for building cleaners and maintenance men access the higher points of a building through a harness and bungee system. This is when you see a person almost appear as though they are sitting and dangling from the top of the building.


You may use the abseiling system instead of a something like a cradle when you have a very specific job that only requires one person and not necessarily a two or three-person job. If there are multiple people working on one job, each person will have their own harness and pulley to get them to the side of the building. The abseiling system allows for a person to get to the specific place of cleaning or repair and return back to the roof.

If you decide not to go with the cradle system, the abseiling system will do just as well. It may be a little scarier for the workers, but they will be fine see as how they already have a since of adventure doing this kind of work in the first place.



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