Best Safety Solution In UAE

Those in the construction industry may be familiar with OSHA or the Occupational Health and Safety Organization as the body governing all health and safety related issues concerning the building industry. OSHA regulates construction activities to ensure safety of all involved. From mandating the use of helmets and boots to high risk construction hazards, OSHA rules are enforced by construction companies worldwide. How does the OSHA rulebook affect facade maintenance systems?

Recent ammendments in laws have regulated an activity significant to facade access systems- Work at height. The law specifically prevents use of Bosun’s Chair for heights that go beyond 300 ft. At such heights, if building maintenance is required, permanent systems like BMUs are recommended. The ammendment came as a possible solution to the risks of working at height. In fact, this has been a major cause of construction related deaths around the globe.

Safety comes first for Malt Group. We believe that following safety rules without compromise can reduce the chances of accidents during high-risk activities like building maintenance. Our team is trained to keep well within safety limits. Contact us to safely install maintenance equipment in your building.



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