Travelling Ladders & Gantries

The continuous improvement in glass technology has strengthened its position as an essential construction material for modern low energy buildings over the last 50 years.  Huge glazed atria and walls of structural glass now dominate many public and commercial buildings across the world, creating light and airy places for work and leisure.

With this development has also come a greater requirement for safely accessing these areas for cleaning and maintenance, many of which cannot be reached with traditional methods.

To overcome this issue Malt Technics offer a supply and installation service for access gantries, ladders and cradles; providing legislatively compliant maintenance access to all aspects of modern cleaned windows, both internally and externally.

Travelling Ladders

Our tailor-made solutions are designed to run on aluminium rails fixed back to the building structure. These can be used for both internal and external applications; be manually or electrically traversed and are designed to suit your exact requirements with regard to tasks that they are carrying out.

To deal with the complexity of modern glass facades, Malt Technics have developed flexible jointing systems. This allows travelling ladders to go around corners and deal with long and short runs of tapering glass where the spacing’s and geometry of the top and bottom rails is never constant.

Throughout this process our design team ensure the architectural integrity of the building is compromised as little as possible.

Travelling Gantries

Malt Technics access gantries are designed and fabricated for the purpose of providing permanent safe access to the internal and external cleaning on windows and roof light areas.

Each unit is individually designed and constructed from aluminium sections and connected to extruded aluminium monorails generally at each end of the unit. The use of lightweight materials ensures easy manoeuvrability of the unit along the length of the track.

Each gantry is supplied complete with handrails, toeboards and a braking system for when parked, and can be manually or electrically traversed.

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