Personal Fall Arrest Systems

Fall arrest systems are systems that latch onto roofs and high building platforms and then connect to the individual working in that area. They ensure that if there was ever a slip and fall on a job site – it would not be fatal.

OSHA requires that personal fall arrest systems — a backup for those on platforms — are provided to workers exposed to vertical drops of six feet or more. These systems will limit maximum arresting force to 1,800 pounds, be rigged so that no user will free-fall further than six feet, and have sufficient strength to withstand twice the potential impact energy of a worker falling a distance of six feet or the distance permitted by the system.

Personal fall arrest system requirements include: a body harness — and the attachment location of the body harness needs to be at the center of the wearer’s back, near the shoulders or above the head; vertical lifelines, which must have a minimum breaking speed of 5,000 pounds and be attached to each individual employee; anchorages capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds per employee; and connectors, including D-rings and snaphooks.





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