Right Equipments For Window Cleaning

Hi there Readers,

Today we are going to share a small guide that shows what is needed when cleaning kitchens.

1. The Basic section includes the bare minimum for cleaning windows correctly. Includes a squeegee , a 2 sided flip squeegee, involving a sponge/absorbent side, a window cleaning bucket, and a glass cleaner called Sky Blue.

2. Advanced section includes a more powerful cleaners and better cleaning tools. These include sponges and scrapers.

Window Squeegee Professional grade window cleaning squeeges with high quality rubber that wont crack and does not leave streaks, just perfectly clear glass.

Window Cleaning T-bars Window washing T-Bars a a great way to help clean windows. They include a thick sleeve for scrubbing the surface of the glass, as well as absorbing cleaning solution from a window bucket and applying it.

Micro Fiber window rag These Microfiber Rages are ideal for removing any additional dirt and dust from the surface of the class. The tiny fibers aggressively latch on any difference on the surface of the glass, making it something every window cleaner should have. Can even remove streaks!

Sky Blue Our famous Glass Cleaner is our best window/glass cleaner, its streak free and leaves the window looking invisible!

Window Cleaning Bucket These window cleaning buckets are a perfect companion when it comes to window cleaning with a sponge or a bar sponge. Just dip and stroke.

Window Scrapers Specially designed scrapers with thin metal blades that are efficient at removing artifacts, residue or remains of tape, glue and signage from the glass’ surface..

Back flip squeegee A combination of a squeegee and washer. Makes cleaning more efficient given that you can easily switch between squeegee blade and washer.

Jumbo Sponge

Soft absorbent sponge it perfect for removing streaks and removing dust from the windows surface.





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