Topaz Series Machines In Dubai

Malt Group has been considered to be one of the best BMU manufacturers in UAE for many years. Best service is the number one priority of Malt Group. We offer various kind of products, design consultancy and maintenance services for our clients. Malt group manufactures Davit systems, Roof machines, Cradles and Monorail systems. Today we want to give brief information about Roof machines. Roof machines consist of 4 types:
1.Topaz series machines
2.Opal series machines
3. Pearl series machines
4.Star and PU400 series machines
Topaz Series Machines
Topaz series machine is multiple jib Building Maintenance Unit (BMU), the construction range from medium to heavy weight, this requirement is due to building roof area or positioning of the machine due to roof obstacles. it is roof mounted machine working either by traversing along the steel track or fixed at designated levels, the roof machine will include steel chassis, structure and frame, the jib, the slewing mechanism, the spreader bar slewing mechanism and the housing for the hoisting mechanism.

Hoisting Option:
1. Drum-winch hoisting type where the hoist is mounted on the counter-jib of the machine, these option gives an optimum result as it saves counterweight and the machine become lighter and compact.

2. Traction winch hoisting type where the hoist is within the working cradle, it is the basic system with an advantage of using the same power cradle with other system be it machine, monorail or davit by easy switching.

Traversing Option:
1. Rail Track traversing on galvanized steel double rail track on the roof of the building joined via Concrete up stands spaced at intervals, in this, we have the advantage to depend on the machine loading to keep the counterweight less.

• Luffing of jib by hydraulic jacks
• Spreader bar to keep cradle parallel to façade (motorized/manual)
• Motorized machine slewing
• Complete Control is given in machine and cradle



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