Negative Effects Of Lack Of Maintenance

Though glass facades are much more attractive than concrete facades, the effects of lack of maintenance is more prominent in the former than the latter. Hence, investing in glass facades also require you to invest in equally advanced maintenance systems to preserve your building’s worth.

How does the appearance of glass degrade over time?

When glass is not properly and regularly cleaned, it develops stains on the surface caused by mineral deposits from water in the atmosphere. These stains are pretty stubborn and often refuse to budge, and may even require you to replace the entire glass panel or window. A little bit of preventive maintenace beforehand in the form of regular and relatively inexpensive cleaning can save you from taking such an action.

Atmospheric pollution, paint residues, and damage from inefficient facade access can also lead to costly reactive maintenance of glass in buildings. Here, the importance of review prior to selection of facade access system is emphasized. Maintenance is not a one-size-fits-all activity. The natural conditions around your building defines the level of deterioration to be expected if cleaning is not done regularly. This helps to decide how often maintenance should be carried out, and what is the best system to be installed.

Looking good does not have to cost a lot of money. Prevent unnecessary maintenance costs by implementing efficient facade access systems in your building. Contact us at Malt Group for custom designs and installation programs. Our experts are always at your service!



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