8 Steps Of Cleaning Windows Perfectly

  1. Pick the right day to wash your windows– cloudy days or shadow facing windows are the best to clean. The sun will only cause streaking despite your best efforts.
  2. Put on your rubber gloves to protect your hands from damage. Then clean the surface with a  soft-bristle brush, dust away cobwebs and loose dirt from windows, frames, hinges, sills, and tracks.
  3. To prevent messes from drips and dirt,place a towel on the windowsill.
  4. Fill a bucket with dish detergent and cold water.Don’t make the water too hotor it will evaporate from the window before you get a chance to clean it.
  5. Dunk your squeegee which has the wet cover or washing cloth attached, into the bucket of warm, soapy water. Smear the solution over the entire window. Scrub the window of debris and dirt. This is the time to use the scraper if warranted. If you need to use the scraper, make sure only to pass the blade in the forward direction, i.e. don’t scrape backward – this could drag the dirt, cement, etc. across the glass causing scratches.
  6. Remove the wet cover or washing cloth from the squeegee.Working from top to bottom, draw the squeegee across the window, removing the cleaning solution and dirt from the glass. Curve the squeegee downward at the end of each stroke.
  7. Use a fresh,clean cloth to wipe the squeegee dryafter each pass across the window. Work from the top of the squeegee moving down to the bottom. A dry squeegee avoids drips and keeps streaks from forming.
  8. When you’re done with the squeegee,run the cleaning cloth along the “wet” side of the window to dry the drips left behind. Move to the window sill and soak up any cleaning solution. Polish the sill dry with a fresh cleaning cloth.



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