BMU Systems-Great Possibilities

The building maintenance units are providing lateral, horizontal and vertical access to all levels of the building.  Product range offers the following models:

  • Façade lifts
  • Monorails
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Ladder systems

These models differ in:

  • Purpose: maintenance, cleaning, safety, inspection, restoration
  • Drive: electrical, mechanical
  • Additional functions: roppers, telescoping, integration of load winches

Main Purpose at all Times: Cleaning and Maintenance

Modern architecture sets high demands on BMUs. Mobile aerial work platforms, also known as “cherry pickers”, cannot reach the highest stories of new buildings anymore. Also, it is difficult to reach each window due to the modern forms of architecture. Therefore, special lift installations are necessary to enable the workers a safe working environment at every height.
Whereas building facade hoists are used for external cleaning as well as for replacing façade and window elements, gantries are used for glass roofs and glass facades to clean them internal and external.
Cleaning ladders are also permanently installed at the building and enable a vertical and horizontal cleaning of the facades. For the assembly of monorails, rail systems are mounted to reach even difficult areas.
The installations are run mechanically or manually. The cleaning ladder platforms can be moved with a rope winch or electrically with endless winches.
Due to intelligent rail systems,  monorails enable the transportation of cable platforms. Depending on the needs as well as constructional and static requirements, the rails can be produced of steel or aluminum. Just like any other building maintenance unit the drive happens manually or electrically. Potential lifting motions are carried out by an endless winch. Facade hoists, however, can either drive on rails or concrete and can be operated electrically or via rope winch.

All About Building Maintenance Units: Extras and Individual Needs

Malt Group offers different additional features for the different kinds of BMUs. Therefore, gantries can be equipped with telescopic ladder systems. Further functions are roppers or the telescoping of outriggers and masts for façade lifts.
Building maintenance units are permanent installations that can individually be planned, constructed and produced for any intended purpose. Just contact us via e-mail or telephone and our service team will gladly inform you about the possibilities.





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