Pearl Series Machines In Dubai

The Pearl Series Machines are parapet mounted Building Maintenance Units (BMU), it’s a recommended choice when roof space is insufficient or the roof is not able to bear the load of the machine, the traversing is along the double rail track mounted on the back of parapet wall. The roof machine includes steel chassis, structure and frame, the jib, the slewing mechanism, the spreader bar slewing mechanism.


Hoisting Option:
1. The hoist is within the working cradle, it’s a basic system with the added advantage of using the same power cradle with other system be it the machine, monorail or davit by easy switching.

Traversing Option:
1. Parapet mounted double steel track on steel bracket connected to parapet by steel anchors.

Functions of the Pearl Series Machines:
• Luffing of jib by hydraulic jacks
• Spreader bar to keep cradle parallel to facade (motorized/manual)
• Motorized machine slewing
• Complete Control is given for the machine and cradle

Standard Dimensions:
Application Height: up to 250 meters
Jib length: 2500 – 4500 mm
Cradle Length: 2 – 3 meters
Safe working load: 240 kg

• Emergency stop
• Electromagnetic brake in the hoist with secondary mechanical brakes
• Upper limit safety device
• Lower limit safety device
• Emergency manually controlled descent
• Thermal overload safety for cradle
• Slack wire ropes safety device
• Anti-collision bar

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